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Write even if you have nothing to write.

 Writing when you have nothing to write about is very similar to day dreaming when you are bored. Your mind starts to wander and then begins to go on great grand adventures. I cannot tell you how many times I have just started writing, or pushed through to another scene and ended up with a marvelous piece. You will have to forgive the slightly Australian accent I have going on with this post, I am watching #safarilive. #safarilive is my secret guilty pleasure. I will let you in on another secret which is off topic I know but bare with me. I wanted, when I was younger, to go out and document animals like you see on #safarilive or The Wild Thornberry’s. Do you remember that show? I wish they would bring that cartoon back.
Does writing when you have nothing to write about work for every piece of work?
Yes and no, it depends on what you are working on and how much time you have. For instance, I have had this tip work for a very large paper and some other larger essays. It did work well enough for smaller papers but I did have to go back and do some major editing.
What do I write when I have nothing to write about?
Well, I usually start with my senses. I will usually start out with what I am hearing, I have very good hearing, which is why I do not like large crowds. I am always around my children so, I will spin their giggles and laughter into something a from what I hear. I don’t start with my sense of sight first. I find starting with what I see is boring and not a very good stimulation. Before the time of television and computers to describe a site was quite fun, now it is mundane.
Now I challenge you to write something out of nothing and please do comment or feel free to send what you wrote to me. I love reading what other people write.

2 thoughts on “Write even if you have nothing to write.

  1. I need to work on this. I’m in between writing project right now while I type up my manuscript. Free writing and morning pages would probably generate some cool ideas.

    1. Hi Cori, it really has helped me when I get stuck from one point to another. I am the type of person that I am not happy unlessI am writing. Not having an idea to write about is bad for everyone around me haha!

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