Doubt, it’s everywhere, isn’t it?

We hear it from everything and everyone even if we do not realize it.

Magazines with beautiful pictures of men and women smile and say no you will not be like us one day.

The televisions scream and shout about, with its alternate reality of what we wish could be but only get to partly see.

Even our books whisper wonderful tales of things we want to do and where we want to go, of which we shall never know.


It comes from everyone, even our closest friends as they shake their heads at us.

Worst of all is the doubt that comes from within. It is the hardest to silence and the most painful to listen to.

At every turn in my life, I have been doubted.

When born prematurely they doubted I would survive, I did.

In school, they doubted I would even graduate, I was the first to earn a college degree in my family.

They said I would become nothing, I became a mother a wife and a writer all three are great things.

So hear me when I say.

Stop it doubt, no need to shout.

Once again you have fooled me to believe.

That I shall never be, me.

Though as I close this door, know I shall not listen, anymore.

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