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Writers groups… haha after typing something so much it sounds odd…and yet so familiar.

When it came to joining a writer’s group I heard two good pieces of advice.
1. Don’t go to a writer’s group to make friends.
2. A “good” writer’s group will be very beneficial for you and your writing.

    Both of these proved to be true for me and my writing. A writer’s group can help you on your way to greatness! Well… maybe. Anyone who ask me for advice on writing, the first thing I say is to join your local writing group, and book club, but don’t expect it to be all tea and crumpets.
I have two writing groups I go to so far, and I adore both of them, even though they are both very different. I have not found a book club so far that read’s various books. But when I do I shall write on my experience with a book club, now back to writer’s groups.

       First, let me explain what a writing group may consist of. Usually, you work on a piece of writing, of your own design or from a prompt. Then you submit the piece via email or print it out and give copies to the other members to read. Finally the most nerve racking part, they critique it.

       Now the last part is what, in my opinion, makes a good writing group. Hearing, “this sounds really good” or “keep writing,” is great for the ego but bad for the writing. So be prepared to develop a thick skin. This is where the first piece of advice comes in. You will not always like what you hear about your writing. Some meetings will go well and you knock it out of the park, then again you may hear that your piece was a flop. It would be hard to make friends right off the bat in a writer’s group because you will like them one meeting and then loath them the next.

Be sure to take all the criticism though with a grain of salt. Write down their critiques, or ask for them to write them on the printout that way when you calm down you can go back and look at it.

On to the second piece of advice.

A good writer’s group is very beneficial for you and your writing.

   Writer’s groups are good for developing your thick skin, and hearing what your potential readers will see. Most people in the group also are writer’s and will usually critique politely. Because they know how it feels to have their own work picked apart by others. So be prepared for some stinging comments, but they usually wont filet you open and leave you there with your heart bleeding all over the place.

    So you and your writing will get a good work over, which in the end is what all writers need whether they are starting out or having been writing for years. If you don’t join a group you miss out on having this valuable information. You can also learn by other’s mistakes as well as tricks of the trade. Being in a writer’s group is also a good way of getting the word out about your potential piece of writing. Immediately people become interested in your writing and can potentially be your cheer squad.

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  1. Love this advice! It’s so important to be a part of writing groups. I’m still working on developing thick skin, but definitely a “have to have” for a writer.

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