Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017

Yep, you saw that title right… I can’t believe I am going to try this again after miserable failing last camp.

But what do they say? Failing is only failure if you do not move forward. Okay maybe I just made that up, maybe I heard it before I honestly cannot say.  I did get some writing done on that project which I will be continuing this camp. I am at almost 18k words with Delegar’s story and while I do not think it will be a big novel. I do think it will be a good lead-up to the main event though if I can work it right.

I think I am crazy though for even attempting to do so because I have so much going on. I also feel it will be a good break for me to step away from reality during this crazy time. I have the kids schooling starting again, we are packing, and preparing to move.

So what is Delegar’s story? Good question, I will let you know when I finish it, haha! But for now here is a very raw and brief piece of it.

  A faint creaking and then a soft click was the only sound that gave his servant away. Already awake and at his desk this early in the morning, the air was still and damp. He watched the shadow cast by the fire behind them, sneak across the wall. “Well?” he snapped, looking down to a pure white house cat with light blue eyes. As he looked back to his parchment he had been working on, she changed.

    Her shadow slowly grew and morphed upon the wall. Oddly enough though it still looked like a cat only larger. Glancing back to her now was a very petite girl kneeling next to him. Shockingly blue eyes stared back up at him, as her white hair, ears, and tail gleamed in the morning’s fire. She wore a white tunic, a symbol of servitude among the elves.

   “The voting will take place, even though your sister will be sent to the mountains.”
 His quill stopped, hovering over the parchment, a single black drop of ink fell from the tip and landed on the parchment. “Why?” His voice was just above a whisper, “surely they wouldn’t include, him.”


Like I said, it’s completely organic. This is one of those stories that I just cannot let go of, and I do not know why. The only thing that is preventing me from burning it, is that supposedly the first 1 million words you write are complete garbage. Soo yes I am doing this for a word count haha!

Anyways, if you are going to try and tackle the plot bunny, feel free to comment below or follow me and we can support each other!!!

Happy Camping!!

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