Busy busy bumble bee Always working for the colony Working working don’t ever stop Only if you’re lucky Do you get one drop Of honey.

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Sun shining Still, they fell like diamonds from the sky for surely they were diamonds to the ground. Precious, desired, replenishing. The one resource on a never ending cycle.


Lady Reality

Reality a beautiful place with a beautiful face and yet the soul within is decaying. Tangled Twisted wrapped up around so many poisonous dreams. Reality such a fine lady is never as she seems.

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Wolf & Dragon

Deep within the night Two forces meet with such might Both are superior to the other in various ways and yet just as weak. The wolf runs through the night able to maneuver in and around obstacles all while noticing small details. The dragon soars over the bigger picture Some say such companionship is unheard… Read More Wolf & Dragon


Meant to Be

Running Searching Searching Unable to stop, moving from one thing to the next. When will we ever find rest? When there is nothing left? Will we ever see through the distorted images of society? Only when blinded could we ever truly be free to see. Who we are meant to be.


Normal Death

As a new day dawns, and old one dies. Yet no one weeps, no one cries. Death has become normal, then again when was it not. The act of causing death, though was never natural, and yet we as a human race have made it normal. In our world where we pride ourselves on being… Read More Normal Death



It’s a signal, a sign as it dances around you oh so sublime. You can breathe it in you can blow it out Though only when it stings your eyes and makes you cry do you really see what it is all about. A poison in one of many disguises, it fills you up and… Read More Smoke


Tick, Tock

Time Time to go Time to stay Time is always, getting away Time is like water, it slips through your fingers Yet you can contain it briefly, like a memory Time is precious and yet can be the enemy It rushes, when you wish for it to wait And waits, when you want it to… Read More Tick, Tock



Doubt, it’s everywhere, isn’t it? We hear it from everything and everyone even if we do not realize it. Magazines with beautiful pictures of men and women smile and say no you will not be like us one day. The televisions scream and shout about, with its alternate reality of what we wish could be but only get… Read More Doubt


Creeping Spring

  The end of time had come, everything is lifeless. Wait, there you see, it’s creeping and crawling such a lovely green. Patches, speckles here and there. Slowly climbing up and down the gray hard cold trees. You think it will never come Though overnight there it is creeping, crawling such a lovely Spring.