Tick, Tock

Time Time to go Time to stay Time is always, getting away Time is like water, it slips through your fingers Yet you can contain it briefly, like a memory Time is precious and yet can be the enemy It rushes, when you wish for it to wait And waits, when you want it to… Read More Tick, Tock

Writing advice

Writer’s Groups

Writers groups… haha after typing something so much it sounds odd…and yet so familiar. When it came to joining a writer’s group I heard two good pieces of advice. 1. Don’t go to a writer’s group to make friends. 2. A “good” writer’s group will be very beneficial for you and your writing.    … Read More Writer’s Groups



Doubt, it’s everywhere, isn’t it? We hear it from everything and everyone even if we do not realize it. Magazines with beautiful pictures of men and women smile and say no you will not be like us one day. The televisions scream and shout about, with its alternate reality of what we wish could be but only get… Read More Doubt


Creeping Spring

  The end of time had come, everything is lifeless. Wait, there you see, it’s creeping and crawling such a lovely green. Patches, speckles here and there. Slowly climbing up and down the gray hard cold trees. You think it will never come Though overnight there it is creeping, crawling such a lovely Spring.


A coffee shop poem

  Coffee Shop A giggle  A whisper A soft subtle sigh as a story comes to a close Drip      Drip             Drip                        Ah that first sip                                                        At the coffee shop.                              – Amandia Lawrence

Writing advice

Writer’s Block

What is writer’s block? It is the same for all artist you are stuck on something. Usually, you have a great idea then have no idea how to get there. The words are not flowing or for the artist, the picture it is not coming together the way you would like. This can be said for… Read More Writer’s Block